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Hulu: Uncanny Annie

Karlisha plays Annie 

Into the Dark anthology series; Blumhouse

Pop Sugar Review

"In all seriousness, Annie herself (played by Karlisha Hurley) succeeded in scaring the sh*t out of me. She does this twitchy, creaking neck snap that set my teeth on edge every single time, and the idea of her brutally murdering me just to trap my soul in a black, endless purgatory is bleak. But the crux of the game — and in turn the episode — is that Annie doesn't actually need to do much to destroy the friends, who soon find themselves trapped in a terrifying alternate universe and unable to call for help once they start playing; by refusing to tell the truth and struggling to keep their darkest secrets under wraps, they seal their own fates."

Directed by Paul Davis and written by Alan Blake Bachelor & James Bachelor.​

Adelaide Kane (The Purge, Once Upon a Time), Georgie Flores (Dumplin’, Famous in Love), Jacques Colimon (The Society), Dylan Arnold (Halloween), Paige McGhee, Evan Bittencourt (Pretty Little Liars), Liam Graham.

Watch it on Hulu.

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